Notifications are now "Campaigns"

We've been thinking a lot about how to improve the experience of creating and editing notifications on websites and realized that "Campaigns" better captured the essence of adding social proof notifications to your website and "Notification" was just one small part of a larger "Campaign".

🤘🏻 Rock On

Set Capture URL based on Query Parameters

Hurray! 🎉

It's now possible to capture conversions from urls by targeting very specific things like URL query parameters.

Notification Placement: Right Side 👍

Just added a new option to move the notification to the right side of your page for desktop visitors:

Updated Mobile Notification Style

We made some slight adjustments to how notifications show up on mobile devices. After seeing how notifications display differently across thousands of pages and devices we tweaked the spacing and some other aesthetics to create a friendlier and more fluid experience for your mobile visitors:

Custom Rules 📏 & Timing ⏰ Now Available to Everyone

Exciting news! Today we decided to release custom rules and timing in the app for users at all plan levels.

We are constantly looking for new ways to deliver more value to our customers and hope this shows that we're dead serious 😎

Conversion Club - Now Open to All Customers

Welcome to The Conversion Club 🏆 The home to great trainings and community centered around getting the highest conversion rates in the history of the world. Now available to every Proof User as a complimentary addition to your membership.

We're pulling out all the stops 👏

Hot Streaks 🔥 BETA

We've got an exciting new BETA feature release today!

You can now choose to display a count of how many visitors or conversions you have tracked within a given time range (24hrs, 7 days, 30 days).

We're already seeing a 20%+ conversion boost on accounts using the new beta feature.

Get Access to Beta Features

When we roll out new features we try to do it fast, but keep it limited to a controlled group so we can test how well they work and limit bugs for all our users. Thats why we rolled out our BETA program that will allow you to turn on our latest beta features to get access to the latest stuff knowing that it may break sometimes 😜 and most certainly will change a lot...

You can find the toggle on the pixel install page!

Pixel Installation Status

Need to know if your pixel is installed and tracking visitors?

Now you can go to the pixel install page and see if and when it was last tracked 😎

Only show conversions from x days ago

Some customers were reporting issues where they had set a custom rule to only show conversions from x days ago but some conversion were not showing correctly.

This issue is now fixed!

No published changelogs yet.

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