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New Product: Conversion Cards

Convert more visitors with a call to action triggered by notification click, time on page, scroll points or even exit intent.

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Only Display Anonymous Conversions

You may have a customer base that values their anonymity higher than most and would prefer not to be identified on your site as a past customer.

Thats why we added a new option today that will let you hide all names from your notifications!

Improved Login + Password Reset Flow

Bug Fix: New Campaign Loading Indicator

Some users were experiencing issues on slower connections where the app would freeze or create multiple campaigns when saving their work. We released an update that lets you know when the app is working to save your work and prevents multiple button clicks. 👏

Easter Eggs 🥚

Can you find the easter egg?


Updated Fonts

It's very suttle, but we updated all our fonts to use what are called system fonts. This means depending on your operating system Proof will use a designated font provided by your computer instead of having to download a whole bunch of files from google's servers which can really slow you down.

Here's to faster load times 🏎 🔥

New Quickstart Checklist ✅

Realizing that it can be really hard to learn a new software we put some work into this new Quickstart checklist that we hope will ease the learning curve so you can hit the ground running with Proof.

Automatic URL Crawling 🕷

If you have ever plugged in a new URL into Proof that had not been tracked before you likely got a message that told you it had never been tracked and might not work. We just released a big new update that goes out and crawls those unknown urls and checks in real-time if its a live page.

Happy Day!

Faster App Load Times

Over the last few weeks we've been working over time to improve performance across the entire platform. We've release a few updates today and will be making even bigger improvements in the next 2 weeks.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Proof will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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