Incorrect Timestamps Fixed

There was an issue where some events would say they 'happened' in the future. Needless to say this isn't something you want to see happen. We now have better checks in place to prevent this from happening again.

Use Your Custom Image as a Fallback

Previously if you used a custom image on your notifications, it would always display on every activity. Now you have the option of showing it only if no photo or map is found.

Prevent Full Names from Displaying on Your Notifications

Several users were encountering an issue where a webhook was sending a full name into the firstname field in Proof and causing full names to display on their notifications. We have made some modifications that now prevent that from happening and protecting your customers privacy 😎

Hide Anonymous Notifications

Do you hate seeing notifications on your site that just say "Someone" instead of "Elon from Palo Alto just..."

Well there is good news for you 😁

You can now flip a switch and hide all notifications where we were not able to identify the person taking the action. Just check the custom rules section when you setup your next notification.

Fixed Geolocation Issues

Many users were reporting that they were not seeing locations on many of their notifications. We found the issue in our backend and shipped an instant fix!

You should be good to go now!

Visitor Profiles (BETA)

Once a visitor enters their email on your site, we'll show you everything we can find about them. Google analytics shows you how many people are on your site, we show you who they are.

Customer Journeys (Beta)

Want to see the exact path your visitors take from the first time they click, all the way to your conversion goal. We take the mystery out of your traffic.

Now you can follow your customers all the way through your marketing funnel.

Improved Geolocation

Sometimes you would see a conversion popup on your page that said something like Yusuke from Tokyo, 03... That number is the zipcode or region number in many countries around the world. We can handle these types of locations and from now on it should replace that region number with a country name.

So it will now say: Yusuke from Tokyo, Japan!

Set Custom Images On Notifications 🖼

You can now upload a custom image to display on your notifications instead of maps or avatars. Upload a product image or your own logo! Whatever you like really...

Live Visitor Tracking ⚡️

Create urgency and trust with verified live visitor tracking by Proof. Show you visitors how many other people are also viewing your site to show them your product is in high demand :)

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