Improved Geolocation

Sometimes you would see a conversion popup on your page that said something like Yusuke from Tokyo, 03... That number is the zipcode or region number in many countries around the world. We can handle these types of locations and from now on it should replace that region number with a country name.

So it will now say: Yusuke from Tokyo, Japan!

Set Custom Images On Notifications 🖼

You can now upload a custom image to display on your notifications instead of maps or avatars. Upload a product image or your own logo! Whatever you like really...

Live Visitor Tracking ⚡️

Create urgency and trust with verified live visitor tracking by Proof. Show you visitors how many other people are also viewing your site to show them your product is in high demand :)

Version 2.0 is here!!! 🔥🗺😎

What's so great about Proof Version 2.0?!!

First of all its just a heck of a lot easier to get Proof running on your website, but let's take a deeper look here:

  • The entire process of setting up notifications has been revamped: First set where you want to capture conversions, then where you want to display them. Set the message you would like to show and then set a bunch of customizations you would like.
  • Capture conversions from multiple URLs in one notification
  • Display notifications on multiple URLs
  • Set custom display rules like how many notifications you want to show
  • Customize timing of notifications
  • It's also a lot easier to navigate around the app and get the information you need.

Login with Facebook, Google or a good old fashioned password

You no longer have to login with only Google if you don't want to :)

语言设定 / Spracheinstellungen (aka "Language Settings")

Translate notifications into your language of choice! Change the language for each notification individually or across your entire account from the settings page.

Logout Button Moved

The logout button has been moved to the bottom of the sidebar so it now takes up less space in the navigation 👍

Proof Academy 🎓

Join the Proof Academy inside the app for complete access to our vault of premium trainings on all things Digital Marketing and growing your business ❤️

You can get more information here if you are interested:

Hide Notifications on Mobile

Need to hide your notifcations on mobile devices? No problem! Just hit the new toggle button 😎

Live Notification Preview

See what your notification will look like before you even launch!

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Proof will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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